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Biomass Boiler testing

Accredited type testing of biomass boilers for solid fuels, manually and automatically stoked, nominal heat output of up to 500 kW according to EN 303-5 standards.



Possible test sequence for an automatically stoked, biomass boiler:

  • Pressure test water side
  • Leakage of the combustion system
  • Electrical power consumption
  • Water side resistance
  • Surface temperatures
  • Sudden absence of heat dissipation
  • Loss of electrical power supply
  • Test for unstable combustion chamber pressure
  • Test of ignition failure during start up
  • Test of fuel line safety shutdown device functionality
  • Test for blocked fuel line
  • Loss of combustion air supply
  • Efficiency and emissions during nominal heat output
  • Efficiency and emissions during minimum heat output
  • Construction and safety requirements
  • Dimensions and tolerances




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