Danak Accreditation
A DANAK accreditation is not only a Danish approval it is also a European and global approval. DANAK has signed an agreement on mutual recognition of accredited reports and certificates with a number of countries, and therefore an accredited company can refer to its DANAK accreditation in more than 50 countries. Furthermore, accreditation has been recognised by the EU as a means of harmonisation and realisation of the single market.

DANAK har underskrevet aftaler med ILAC og IAF om global gensidig anerkendelse af rapporter og certifikater med DANAKs akkrediteringssymbol.




ChimneyLab Europe ApS

Is accredited by DANAK for testing chimneys, roomsealed flues/terminalt, liners and connecting fluepipes accordingly to a series of standards under CEN/TC 166.

We are accredited by DANAK under accreditation no. 501. A type test at ChimneyLab Europe ApS is your guarantee for high quality and safety.

Akkreditering er et system, der skal skabe mere tillid til de ydelser, som en akkrediteret virksomhed leverer.

Why Danak

DANAK is the Danish national body for accreditation appointed by The Danish Safety Technology Authority which is part of The Danish Ministry of Economics and Business Affairs. DANAK’s mission is “to contribute to ensure and promote the credibility of Danish companies” – which on the basis of accredited reports and certificates can demonstrate to industry and public authorities that products and services meets requirements in the national legislation or other specifications in relation to safety, health, quality or environment.


International Standards

The basis for accreditation of laboratories is to be found in the international standard DS/EN ISO/IEC 17025, Danish statutory orders, technical regulations and guidelines issued by DANAK indicating how the standards should be interpreted and how to ensure compliance with the accreditation requirements. The basic conditions for a firm to obtain accreditation are:

  • Technical competence
  • Impartiality
  • A well-functioning and documented quality system
  • Relevant facilities and equipment