ChimneyLab Europe have more than 20 years experience in type testing chimneys and related products for CE-certification

CE Testing of Chimneys

ChimneyLab Europe ApS is one of the largest accredited chimney testing centers in Northern Europe with more than 18 years’ experience testing chimneys, liners and flues.

Accredited by DANAK under accreditation No. 501 for testing chimneys, room-sealed flues/terminals, liners and connecting fluepipes in accordance with relevant standards under CEN/TC 166.

 See our full list of Chimney Standards here>


  • Accredited type testing at fixed prices and with agreed deadlines
  • Complete test programs or individual tests
  • Dependable, high-quality service
  • Fast, flexible response and close dialogue with clients
  • Possibility of test reports in a range of European languages



See our typical test sequence for:

  • Metal chimney (EN 1856-1 and EN 1859) HERE>
  • Connecting flue pipe (EN 1856-2) HERE>
  • Flexible liners (EN 1856-2) HERE>
  • Rigid liners (EN 1856-2) HERE>
  • General methods for system chimneys (EN 13216-1) HERE>
  • Concrete flue liner (EN 1857) HERE>
  • Concrete flue block (EN 1858) HERE>
  • Room sealed terminals for C6-type appliances (EN 14989-1) HERE>
  • Room sealed flues and air supply ducts (EN 14989-2) HERE>
  • Chimney liner compound for repair of brick chimneys (guideline) HERE>

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