ChimneyLab Europe have more than 20 years experience in type testing chimneys and related products for CE-certification

CE Testing of ventilation ducts

Accredited gas tightness test of ventilation duct systems. Strength and gas tightness of circular and rectangular ventilation ducts for buildings can be tested according to standards EN 12237 and EN 1507

See our list of Ventilation Ducts Standards here>



With more and more stricht demands on buildings energy loss, it is essential for producers of ventilation systems also too be able to document their products gas tightness. As a new service ChimneyLab Europe ApS now performs accredited gas tightness tests of ventilation systems.

  • Fast solutions
  • Attractive cost structure
  • Highly efficient testing by a leading laboratory: ChimneyLab Europe
  • Internationally recognised test results thanks to DANAK accreditation

Even if duct leakage testing isn’t required for new installations, it can provide great value. Issues with materials or workmanship during ductwork installation that cause air leaks are not uncommon. Verifying ducts before construction limits access means leaks can be easily found and corrected before the problem becomes much more timeconsuming and expensive.

Duct leakage is also a problem in existing ducts. Use accredited duct leak testing from Chimney Lab Europe to verify the HVAC system is not wasting energy (and money) and is operating effectively. Duct air leaks create unbalanced HVAC systems that are inefficient and ineffective, leading to waste and poor HVAC results like cold/hot spots. Duct leaks can also cause moisture and mold problems.

See our typical test sequence for EN 1507 and EN 12237 HERE>




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